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Become a MAGIC RAT, use your magic powers, and obtain the coveted item; all whilst trying to sneak around behind your own back.

This tiny role playing game fits onto a business card. All you need is some friends, a shared space, a six sided dice and a wallet full of loose change. 

The wonderful Jenna Figgers (@jennafiggers) created an alternate and clearer text version for me. I am so super grateful and hope all you lovely magical rats go and check her out, especially if you need help with layouts and graphic structure! Thank you, Jenna. 

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
TagsCasual, Cute, Funny, Magic, Short


MAGIC_RAT.pdf 108 kB
MAGIC_RAT_side1.png 156 kB
MAGIC_RAT_side2.png 222 kB
ALTVersion_MAGIC_RAT_wJennaFiggers.pdf 106 kB
ALTVersion_MAGIC_RAT_side1.jpg 370 kB
ALTVersion_MAGIC_RAT_side2.jpg 503 kB
MAGIC_RAT_textonly.txt 1 kB


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Brilliant. The concept of the imaginary rats being in the real room is great! Also I love how the rules mention needing a d6 then proceed to not elaborate at all on this. This is NOT a criticism. Love it!


so cool.. rat themed, minimal required materials, quick gameplay? perfect for me and the fellas to play when we need to pass time


I tried this out with my 3yo, and it was a really big hit!  Lots of room for imagination and shenanigans without being bogged down by too many rules!

I wrote a review below, but it worked great with my LO, and I could see this being a really fun party game with adults too.



I truly love the art and choice of colors ♥ (& thanks for the "vegan nuts" option!)


thank you so much! I heavily gutted the word count to make it fit but had to keep that vegan option <3